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Santamaria for Commissioner District 10 Miami-Dade County

It's time
For a new Leadership

About your Candidate

With more than 12 years of experience in the sociopolitical field, and with an education forged with values and principles, it has made me see that my priority is social welfare.
For this reason, I have decided, at your hands, to accept my candidacy for Commissioner District 10 of Miami-Dade County.

Voting Day

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities we have as citizens of the United States. In that sense, I invite you to join this duty on August 28, 2018. Together we can oversee the management of our District. Vote for you! Vote for your community!

It is time to change the look of tomorrow, your participation and commitment is fundamental for a transformative management.

The past behind us, the future awaits us, It's time for new leadership!

Community Problems:

Our Miami-Dade County has the lowest wages and highest rents in the State of Florida. We are also the county with the most Tolls and with the worst traffic in the State of Florida. In addition, we have one of the highest rates of insecurity and shootings in the State of Florida. Nonetheless, we are the fourth richest county in the United States. We have a privileged location that is why they call us "The Capital of the Americas". We are a paradise with the best climate and beaches in the United States.

My vision

I believe in team work, honesty, integrity, respect and hard work. My objective is to be a great team member, to give my 100% capacity; while bringing into my new position all my community liaison work experience, friends and contacts thatI have developed throughout the years.


• Attract national and international companies through local, state, and federal incentives.

• Support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Competitiveness and Modernization

• Mass transportation through the expansion of the Metro Mover.

• Modernize our Airport, Sea Port, Free Zones.

• Develop an affordable rental program (Mix Use PPP Affordable Housing).


• Protect our schools with metal detectors and entry controls.

• Modernize the neighborhood watch program and strengthen the police-neighbor relationship.

7 Billions Aproximate County Budget
200001 District 10 Residents
27 Public Schools
4 th Largest budget for a county in the US.

My Biography

Since the beginning of his political career, Alfred has been characterized by his commitment to serve his community by creating non-profit organizations such as the Family Builders Foundation, the United Colombian-American Foundation, the United Latin American Foundation and the M.Y.P.A.N. ministry, to promote values, strengthen education and support the bond with the community. He has been a member of boards of prestigious local and international organizations such as World Trade Center, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Lions Club and the Small Business and Economic Development Advisory Board of Miami-Dade County organizations.




It's time for a new leadership. I will work diligently to provide a better quality of life to my community. I will always listen to your ideas and needs

• Create local, state and federal incentives to attract around 500 national and international companies, film industry, theme parks and Formula 1.

• Modernize our Airport, Sea Port and Free Zones

Support small business and entrepreneurship:

• Make strategic alliances with local companies to promote a monthly job fair.

• Work with the SBA and other public and private agencies to provide grants, loans and financial incentives to our small businesses.

• Support the creation of a business incubator where entrepreneurs can find all the resources, tools, logistics and resources they need to succeed with their businesses.

• Create monthly forums where small business owners and entrepreneurs can meet and interact with different chambers of commerce, business leaders, business mentors, competent speakers and recognize banking institutions

• Create and support "neighborhood watch programs".

• Create a Miami Dade special police "meet your neighborhood police officer".

• Create and promote a "confidential direct line" so that the neighbor of my district can call for any type of problem or concern.

Firearm Safety:

• Metal detectors at all entrances to schools or educational institutions.

• Legal and illegal weapons return fund (no questions asked and a $ 500 check).

• Free access to counseling for young people in order to prevent acts of violence and provide emotional support to them.

• Mass transportation through the expansion of the Metro Mover.

• Modernize our Airport, Sea Port and Free Zones.

• Develop an affordable rental program (Mix Use PPP Affordable Housing)

• Create a beautification, art and culture committee to explore and develop ideas to improve the areas in our community through the implementation of arts and culture.

• Create an Art and Culture Center available for children, adolescents and adults.

• Develop identity and brand programs for our neighborhoods.

• Develop incentives to improve the feeling and appearance of the main streets and neighborhoods of our district.

• Create and develop an art program that contains plastic art in each public space.

• Protect the zoning to remain in agriculture and avoid large developments that endanger small and medium enterprises.

• Beautification project

It's Time for a New LEADERSHIP!

Our team needs people like you with determination, focus and a high desire for making a meaningful change in our community. Act now and be part of this new movement.


We are excited to begin a new chapter in district 10.
There are only a few days left for election, IT'S TIME FOR A NEW LEADERSHIP!

THE countdown for a new leadership! Its Beginning! Aug 28, 2018
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Miami-Dade, district 10

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